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The Poetry Shed – Abegail Morley
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A list (and links) of my published poems are below:

Clean – Elbow Room (Coming soon)
Too much Man in this poem – Domestic Cherry 6 (Coming soon)
Fried Onions – Perverse Poetry Journal (Coming soon)
Prey – Picaroon Poetry, Issue 14 (Coming soon)
Out of placeLonesome October Lit
Sleeping with statistics Eye Flash Poetry
I used to think if I ate an apple core, a tree would grow in my belly Atrium Poetry
Ink Sweat and Tears 
ChangingRiggwelter, Issue 4
Routine excuses
I am not a silent poet
Picaroon Poetry, Issue 10
Career limiting Algebra of Owls 
Word! (Spoon Feed) Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis
Flat-pack apology 
Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis
To the catClear Poetry
PassingClear Poetry
ExtractionClear Poetry 
Rehabilitation – Week 6 Atrium Poetry
The roof over our head I am not a silent poet
The Interpreter’s House, Issue 66
#Newborn Dad Good Dadhood 
Bent metal bench
– The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
– The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
reason to run
– The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
Holding On
The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
The Interpreter’s House, Issue 62 and The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
My Pet Cyclops EscapesThree Drops from a Cauldron
One hand on the steering wheel The Poetry Shed
Surface tension 
The Poetry Shed
The Curly Mind
Good Dadhood and Eunioa Review 
– Algebra of Owls
Sharing your light
Picaroon Poetry, Issue 6 and The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
Time of goodwill
Ink Sweat and Tears, 12 days of Christmas
You lay on the floor, waiting for me
Clear Poetry and The Poetry Shed
The first person I ever hated…
Clear Poetry
The examination
The Lake, July 2016
Calling Occupants
Richard Jefferies Writers – ’78 Anthology and The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
We should have cleaned-up sooner
Ink Sweat and Tears
division lesson
The Fat Damsel, Damsels Against Leave
And Other Poems
Ink Sweat and Tears
There is no spoon
– Obsessed With Pipework, Issue 78
Sibling rivalryObsessed With Pipework, Issue 77
uplift – Obsessed With Pipework, Issue 77
Excess The Open Mouse
Family In Between Hangovers
24 hours is a long timeDown in the Dirt Online & March 2017 Magazine
Muse of the lower worldDomestic Cherry 5
He just stopped (blinking)
Picaroon Poetry, Issue 2
Wrap dresses – The Fat Damsel ‘Poems To Survive In’, issue 6
The inconsiderate left
Nutshells and Nuggets
No Meaning  The Fat Damsel ‘Poems To Survive In’, Issue 1
Open Blinds Runner-up, Candlestick Press micropoem competition 2015
Her  Poet and Geek magazine – Issue 10
Under the light  The Fat Damsel ‘Take Ten’, Issue 7
AccusationI am not a silent poet
Ownership In Between Hangovers
I am not a silent poet
GreyI am not a silent poet
The brook In Between Hangovers
‘This is a song about Susan’
I’d rather not pay for the children I don’t have
Shit day
I See Their Dead Faces
I see a thug flee
The importance of a safety rail
Poetry Smells with Dog