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A list (and links) of my published poems are below:

  • Future Poems

Prey – Picaroon Poetry, Issue 14 (Coming soon)

  • November 2018

Too much Man in this poem – Domestic Cherry 6

  • August 2018

12 ways to show (not tell) someone you love them – Ink Sweat and Tears 
Elbow Room
Fried Onions –
Perverse Poetry Journal

  • June 2018

Out of placeLonesome October Lit

  • April 2018

I used to think if I ate an apple core, a tree would grow in my belly Atrium Poetry
Routine excuses
I am not a silent poet
Sleeping with statistics Eye Flash Poetry

  • February 2018

CheapInk Sweat and Tears 

  • January 2018

Career limiting Algebra of Owls 

  • December 2017

ChangingRiggwelter, Issue 4

  • October 2017

ConditionThe Interpreter’s House, Issue 66

  • September 2017

Impatience Picaroon Poetry, Issue 10
Word! (Spoon Feed)
Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis
Flat-pack apology 
Spilling Cocoa Over Martin Amis

  • August 2017

To the catClear Poetry
PassingClear Poetry
ExtractionClear Poetry 

  • June 2017

Rehabilitation – Week 6 Atrium Poetry
The roof over our head
I am not a silent poet

  • May 2017

#Newborn Dad Good Dadhood 

  • April 2017

Calling OccupantsRichard Jefferies Writers – ’78 Anthology and The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
Sharing your light Picaroon Poetry, Issue 6 and The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
SeparationThe Interpreter’s House, Issue 62 and The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
Bent metal bench – The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
– The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
reason to run
– The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
Holding On
The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
The Fat Damsel, Thinking Man
There is no spoon – Obsessed With Pipework, Issue 78

  • March 2017

My Pet Cyclops Escapes Three Drops from a Cauldron
One hand on the steering wheel
The Poetry Shed
Surface tension 
The Poetry Shed
24 hours is a long time
Down in the Dirt Online & March 2017 Magazine

  • February 2017

Foraging The Curly Mind
Good Dadhood and Eunioa Review 
Sibling rivalry
Obsessed With Pipework, Issue 77
uplift – Obsessed With Pipework, Issue 77

  • January 2017

Pyromaniac– Algebra of Owls

  • December 2016

Time of goodwill Ink Sweat and Tears, 12 days of Christmas

  • November 2016

We should have cleaned-up soonerInk Sweat and Tears
 The Open Mouse

  • October 2016

Muse of the lower worldDomestic Cherry 5

  • August 2016

You lay on the floor, waiting for me Clear Poetry and The Poetry Shed
The first person I ever hated… 
Clear Poetry
Under the light
 The Fat Damsel ‘Take Ten’, Issue 7

  • July 2016

Ownership In Between Hangovers
The examination The Lake

  • June 2016

division lessonThe Fat Damsel, Damsels Against Leave
In Between Hangovers
The brook In Between Hangovers

  • May 2016

He just stopped (blinking) Picaroon Poetry, Issue 2

  • April 2016

WordslastAnd Other Poems
I am not a silent poet
I am not a silent poet
GreyI am not a silent poet
‘This is a song about Susan’
I’d rather not pay for the children I don’t have
Shit day
I See Their Dead Faces
I see a thug flee
The importance of a safety rail
Poetry Smells with Dog

  • February 2016

Grounded Ink Sweat and Tears
The inconsiderate left
Nutshells and Nuggets

  • October 2015

Wrap dresses – The Fat Damsel ‘Poems To Survive In’, issue 6

  • September 2015

Open Blinds Runner-up, Candlestick Press micropoem competition 2015

  • June 2015

No Meaning  The Fat Damsel ‘Poems To Survive In’, Issue 1

  • March 2015

Her  Poet and Geek magazine – Issue 10