I See Their Dead Faces – NaPoWriMo, Day 7

I hope you like your poetry dark… because today I appear to have outdone darkness even by my standards.

Today’s poem is inspired by walking through a busy town centre and feeling like you might be the only person alive who is actually happy about it! I know these are tough times and I am definitely not the type to advocate that everyone walk around with a fake smile all day, but there are a certain type of people who are unable to see the wonder that each day can hold (I’m sure you know the type). This makes me sad, and makes me write sad poems!

I See Their Dead Faces

I see them and avoid their dismal eyes, crow’s feet scars, memorials to scowls, reeking of derision.

I see them with necrotic frowns and out-of-body eyebrows, raising them in dismay.

I see them and hear the foul thud of a voice as they fail to acknowledge.

I see them passing in the street, they sprinkle disdain like confetti.

I see them; each one carries the stench of too little hope.

I see them stalking their next complaint.

I see them avoiding the rain.

I see them.

What do you think?

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