Poetry Smells with Dog – NaPoWriMo, Day 6

Today has been a tough day – very busy at work and helping out with launching the new Swindon Poetry website – Hilda Sheehan has done an amazing job and the site looks great!

A new feature of the site is ‘Dog’s Blog’ – a new section where Dog (the Poetry Swindon mascot) writes about different things – we plan to allow anyone to submit blogs in the voice of Dog, but for now, I have tried one.

Whilst chatting to Hilda, I go to thinking that Dog would probably appreciate the smell of a poem, as much as all the other parts that make a poem wonderful. So My first blog as Dog, and my NaPoWriMo for today can be found at the new Poetry Swindon website. and also here on this blog. I hope you like it!

Poetry Smells with Dog

Have you ever sniffed poetry?
The best poems look,
sound and smell like a ski trip.
Today I shared my nose
with these perfumed poems.

William Carlos Williams – The Red Wheelbarrow
Top notes: Chicken feathers
Base notes: Rain-water glaze

Kenneth Koch – Fresh Air
Top notes: Prehistoric charcoal whales
Base notes: Vaseline bathtubs filled with candy hearts

Sylvia Plath – Daddy
Top notes: Black shoes and rotten feet
Base notes: One gray toe nail

Pablo Neruda – So That You Will Hear Me
Top notes: Sea air and Gulls on the beaches
Base notes: Damp walls and blame

Dylan Thomas – Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
Top notes: Old age burning
Base notes: Rage, rage doused in fierce tears

Emily Dikinson – I dwell in Possibility
Top notes: Cedar chambers
Base notes: Paradise

Hilda Sheehan – The Seal
Top notes: A barren island in a storm
Base notes: Cool water and broken corrugated coral


What do you think?

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