I’d rather not pay for the children I don’t have – NaPoWriMo day 3

Here is today’s poem:

I’d rather not pay for the children I don’t have

Have you ever booked plane tickets
without having children?
Ok, that sounds wrong,
have you ever not had children
and still had to pay for them?

I have this place I’d like to go to.
It needs me to travel,
by a plane,
and what I’d really like to do
is not have to pay for the children.

This isn’t very clear,
I can see that now.
Basically, I have no children,
but I need plane tickets.

It really shouldn’t be this hard.
I don’t want to pay more
for those plane tickets.
I don’t have any children,
you see?

So I would like to travel,
during the school holidays,
without children.

I’d like to travel and not pay
for the children.
Because they are not there.

I’d like to pay for just me.
I don’t want to take any children,
have any children,
or even see any children.

Not for this journey.


That is poem number 3 on this NaPoWriMo journey. I have been helping my friend Mark book tickets plane tickets to Greece. He was baffled as to why the costs were so high. We soon worked out it was because he was trying to book the tickets during the easter holidays. The poem is slightly about this… but also about other stuff! I hope you like it.

What do you think?

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