My first poem published

A couple of months ago I started submitting my poems to publishers – I began with online publishers and my initial criteria was that I liked the look of their website.

In hindsight, this approach was wrong – As the rejections started coming through, I took more time to look at the kind of poetry they were publishing. It was pretty apparent from this research, that my poetry didn’t fit most of the sites I had randomly chosen.

My first lesson learned is research the poetry a publisher publishes!

Because of the approach I took, it meant that those publishers that I did think were a good fit, didn’t get the poetry from me that would fit best… again more rejections followed.

So second lesson, make sure the poetry you send, matches the publishers style.

With the next round of submissions, I took a more considered approach. I looked into the type of websites I thought would match my writing style and hey presto – I received my first acceptance.

It was a really wonderful feeling – to know that someone else had appreciated, possibly even enjoyed your work. The poem that was accepted had only been sent to this publisher and so in that sense I must have chosen well.

The poem is called “Her” – it was one of the first poems I had written, and was about my experience of hearing someone’s childhood memory. It was published by an online publisher called Poet and Geek. The poem is in issue 10 of the series and can be read directly here.

I hope you enjoy the poem and if you’d like to leave any feedback or comments – I’d love to hear them.

Poetry I have been enjoying this week includes:

Swindon Slam – The 19th Swindon Poetry Slam was held at the Swindon arts centre, it was full of laughs and a few more thoughtful poems. The one that stayed with me was a poem from Katherine T Owen called “What am I?” – you can read the poem in her book preview here.

Piano – DH Lawrence. This was always a poem I enjoyed as a child. I recently revisited it and was taken back by just how stunning the poem still is. I would consider it among my favourites – you can read it here.

The Wall – Laura Kasischke. I found this on the Poetry Foundation website and like all good poems it stuck to me. Read it on the Poetry foundation website here.

What do you think?

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