My poetry start…

4 months ago – I found poetry. I was trying to write prose and found my brain couldn’t, or didn’t want to write in the way I had been accustomed.

So I started writing poetry and it has been a roller-coaster ride, reading any poetry I can get my hands on – as well as writing a lot!

Looking back on my first poems, they feel incredibly naive – At the time I was very proud of them, but the poems lack any real depth – I have spent my time developing this further and I hope it shows in the output!

This exploration into form, rhythm, themes etc. has been exhilarating – it has also been frustrating, trying to put down on paper the way I feel. Persistence has been the key to continuing to write and also not holding anything back – it is easy to edit yourself as you write – resisting this urge had been important to progressing.

Two weeks ago, I had my first poem accepted for publishing in an online magazine. It has been really eye-opening that people might actually appreciate / like the poems that I am writing, perhaps more surprising is that it was an earlier poem that was accepted.

I will share the link to this once it has been published, for now I will just say that I am very excited about where my poetry journey will take me and look forward to updating my site!

Poems I have appreciated this week include:

Frances and Martine – a pamphlet by Hilda Sheehan (the person who helped ignite my poetry passion and a very talented individual!) I recommend reading all of her poetry, it is very special!

Roads to Yair – a new poetry book by Bidget Khursheed – it was launched last week and is full of scottish borders inspired poetry.

The Misplaced House – the first poetry pamphlet from Josephine Corcoran. I can also highly recommend following Josephine on twitter – she is always sharing lots of useful poetry information!

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