Formal poetry and writer’s block

For the first time in my short poetic journey, I have been experiencing real writer’s block. Not just losing the ability to think about what to write, but also the ability to write anything worth sharing…

I have written a few poems over the last week, and they have all been shocking.

I think the problem has come from over-reading – I am pretty new to poetry and so I have been reading anything I can get my hands on. I’ve also been trying out lots of different techniques and approaches. As I have read more, so I have tried more things.

I think this is my current downfall. The words were coming freely – now I am aiming to write with more variety, I have lost the words that got me to this point. Continue reading

My first poem published

A couple of months ago I started submitting my poems to publishers – I began with online publishers and my initial criteria was that I liked the look of their website.

In hindsight, this approach was wrong – As the rejections started coming through, I took more time to look at the kind of poetry they were publishing. It was pretty apparent from this research, that my poetry didn’t fit most of the sites I had randomly chosen.

My first lesson learned is research the poetry a publisher publishes!

Because of the approach I took, it meant that those publishers that I did think were a good fit, didn’t get the poetry from me that would fit best… again more rejections followed. Continue reading

My poetry start…

4 months ago – I found poetry. I was trying to write prose and found my brain couldn’t, or didn’t want to write in the way I had been accustomed.

So I started writing poetry and it has been a roller-coaster ride, reading any poetry I can get my hands on – as well as writing a lot!

Looking back on my first poems, they feel incredibly naive – At the time I was very proud of them, but the poems lack any real depth – I have spent my time developing this further and I hope it shows in the output!

This exploration into form, rhythm, themes etc. has been exhilarating – it has also been frustrating, trying to put down on paper the way I feel. Persistence has been the key to continuing to write and also not holding anything back – it is easy to edit yourself as you write – resisting this urge had been important to progressing. Continue reading